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10 Tips for Client Gift Giving


As a company or individual business owner, you like to thank your clients for their business and referrals; one way is with an annual client gift. Client gifts are given to what we call our “average” or “regular” customers. It is not custom to give a gift to a client you are pursuing or a past client. In this lean economy, you need to view client gift giving as a part of your overall strategy of keeping the clients you have.

Maybe you are already doing this and your clients love your gifts. But, what if your competitor gives a gift and you don’t? The message that you send is that you value the client and their business.

Here are some guidelines to follow for client gift giving:

1. The first thing you need to do is to stay within your corporate or business guidelines. Check out the policies on client gift giving, before you invest.

2. If you give your gifts out once a year at the end of the year, stand out from the crowd and give your clients an appreciation gift earlier in November.

3. Have you been giving your clients the same gift every year? The last thing you want is for a client to say, “Oh, it’s that again!” Give gifts that set your business apart and make your customers remember who gave it to them. Try to find something unusual or distinctive.

4. A good business gift is not the time to promote your company. Save the company logo items for trade shows or events. Choose a gift that your client will remember and use long after the holidays are over. However, consider logo gift wrapping, ribbon or packaging for your gifts.

5. Target your client’s interest. Keep in mind cultural, dietary and religious restrictions.

6. If gifting to an office, make sure what you send can be shared by all and that there is enough to be shared.

7. For individual gift giving, think about giving a gift from the region you live in.

8. Keep the gifts reasonable in cost. A high value item may cause your client some confusion on your intentions. A memorable gift will be much more welcomed than a high value gift.

9. Taking a moment to include a hand-written note which shows you care, and adds warmth and sincerity to your gift. Now here’s another opportunity for you to use your company logo. You can use note cards or letter head displaying your logo.

10. Always deliver in person when you can.

Michelle Hylton
Party & Gift Consultant
Independent Sales Representative

Author and ezine editor Michelle Hylton shares her passion of celebrating and gift giving.  Her complimentary newsletter provides party tips, gift ideas, recipes, contests and more.  Start your celebration today at:


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