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Bowling Party





Party Ideas by Party Consultant Michelle Hylton         Updated: 02/21/2015


This is a great theme for anytime of year but especially for those winter birthdays, family gatherings, couples night out or even corporate get-togethers.


First you need to find a bowling alley near you. Use the search links I provided at the end of this plan to help you. If you don't find one in your area, check your local yellow pages.   Many bowling alleys have their own websites now and will show the party packages they offer.  Call to find out what their package prices are and what's included if not stated online. Also, check if the dates you had in mind are available. If so, book you event! 




Teens Adults

Most party packages include 2.5 hours of bowling, shoe rental, and a meal usually hot dogs or pizza and a drink. 


For children under 6, the package may include only 1 hour of bumper bowling plus a meal.   


Many bowling alleys have arcade centers too. Find out if tokens are included in your package or not.  If not you may want to purchase some to entertain your guest as you wait for everyone to arrive and after they put their shoes on.


Check with the bowling center if they allow you to reserve shoes sizes for your party guests and make a note to ask guest to reply with shoe sizes when they rsvp. When you get there ahead of them you can have the shoes already to be put on.


 Bowling Beverage Napkins


Most places allow you to bring in your own cake and have a party room or area for eating and cake celebration. Some packages include paper goods and balloons.  If not, use our bowling party paper goods and party supplies.



 Bowling 10


If you are allowed to decorate the party room add some bowling cutouts, crepe paper, a table centerpiece and some colorful bowling balloons! Otherwise opt for a banner to announce your special event.


Bowling Custom Banner 18"x54" Attach N Go Banner


For children 7 and older, plan on creating two teams and see which team scores the most points. You could purchase inexpensive colored t-shirts for each team and decorate them prior to the party with a number and team name. This could be a party favor for them to take home.

Have your child help you pick out some cool team names like King Pins, Pin Heads, Lounge Lizards, Spare Me, Strikes R Us, X-Men, Strikers, Banana Split, etc.

Cosmic bowling is the best for pre-teens and teens. Most facilities offer this on Friday and Saturday nights. So, book early!


Party packages for this age will include 2.5 hours of bowling, shoe rental and options for meal or no meal.


Depending on your teen, they may just want to bowl for 2 hours and then head someone else to eat out or home to have a cake celebration.


If you need party supplies check out our bowling party supplies.


If your not doing cosmic bowling split into teams and play some Crazy Bowl. Make up rules that all players must follow. Of course the rules should be made considering the safety of the teens.  You can create a rule for every frame or have one for every other frame. Here are some fun Crazy Bowl rules:

  • Have someone stand in front on you, legs spread. Roll the ball through their legs.

  • Close your eyes or bowl blindfolded.

  • Bowl standing on one foot.

  • If your righty bowl lefty and vice-versa.

  • Stand backwards and roll the ball between your legs.

  • Sit Indian style at foul line and roll ball.

  • Repeat a tongue twister until you throw the ball.



Couple's Night Out - Get together for a night of beer , burgers and bowling! Check your local center for open bowl times, group packages or if they are having any special events.


Office Party - Many facilities now accommodate business get-togethers whether it's a holiday party, off-site meeting location or a corporate team building exercise. Packages usually include food, cocktails and bowling. 


Add a fun banner for your bowling business event. Strike! Customized Memories Banner


Why not offer a fun photo op session?


Bowling Photo Op Standee



50's Bowling Party - Make it a costume bowling party and hop back to the decade of the 50's.






Invitation Ideas


 Bowling Party Invitations

 Bowling Party Invitations



 Bowling Personalized Invitation



Great for Birthdays or Bowling Tournaments or Fundraisers!

Create a customized concert or sporting event like ticket for your invitations or announcements printed on authentic ticket stock!

The ticket size is 2 x 5.5 and you get FREE envelopes with every order. Tickets also have a perforated stub, so you can design an RSVP return stub or ticket stub for raffles or door prizes. We also make available lanyards to hold ticket stubs or place card holders for larger


Click here to enter our Ticket Store!




 Bowling Lollipops Dozen

 Bowling Lollipops Dozen

 Bowling Favor Pack Pack

 Bowling Favor Pack Pack


Bowling Pin Stress Ball

 Bowling Pin Stress Ball

Bowling Pin Pen

 Bowling Pin Pen



Bowling Rubber Ducks

 Bowling Rubber Ducks


Bowling Lanyard

 Bowling Lanyard

Bowling Tattoos

 Bowling Tattoos 






Bowling Party Ultimate kit Serves 8 Guests




 Bowling Party Ultimate kit Serves 8 Guests

 Bowling Party Deluxe kit Serves 8 Guests


 Bowling Party Balloon Kit



 Bowling Party Decoration Kit

 Bowling Pin Pinata Kit



 Inflatable Trophy

 Inflatable Trophy


  5" Silver Trophy

 Bowling Deco Set Each

  Bowling Deco Set Each


 Sale   Bowling Cupcake Liners   Sale

 Sale Bowling Cupcake Liners Sale


Bowling Links:

Find a Brunswick Bowling Center (U.S.)

Find a Center at

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