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Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm

Theme Party  









Party Plan by Party Consultant Michelle Hylton Updated: 04/14/2014


General Information

Great theme for twins (girl/boy) or siblings.  For a girls party make it a Pebbles party and for boys make it a Bam Bam party.   There are multiple party vendor products in this party plan. 




Personalized Invitations Print Your Own Caveman Invites

 Dotted Dinosaur

  Dotted Dinosaur


Paper Bag A2 Note Cards - 25 Pack 

Using software on your computer create your own invitation.  You can download a free caveman font.  Print on paper bag note cards - 25 pack or 8 1/2 x 11 paper bag text paper - 10 pack.



Table Setting


Paper Bag Wrapping Paper - Roll Wrap

For a cave look, cover your party table Paper Bag Wrapping Paper (30" x 10' roll)

and tape down the edges. Make caveman drawings on the paper or leave a few crayons at each place setting and let guests draw on paper covered table.  For placemats, cut out paper bone mats and laminate them. You could use dry erase marker to write each guest name on the placemat.

Pull the colors from Pebbles and Bam Bam's clothing for your party table settings.

Orange & Black Green & Black

 Orange Paper Party Pack Kit

  Orange Paper Party Pack Kit

 Fresh Lime Paper Party Pack Kit

  Fresh Lime Paper Party Pack Kit


  9" Black Square Plates

 Low Count Solid Napkins Black Pkg/20

Solid Napkins Black Pkg/20

Theme Gossamer 19

  Theme Gossamer 19" Tiger 25 Yd Roll

Use this as a table runner, cut placemats, decorate back of chairs or any other DIY party decor. Larger widths available to make full table covering.


Use Fred & Barney's lodge hat for a table centerpiece!

 Lodge Hat

Jumbo Cave Bone 

Or use this jumbo 17" cave bone  tied with animal print balloons for your centerpiece.


Room Decor


Decorate with Caveman like items. Decorate orange balloons with black triangles by using a permanent black marker or use these fun colorful animal print balloons.


Wild Safari Print Balloons Assortment Pkg/100 


Create Bedrock signs using brown grocery bags, cut them to have a ragged edge look and hang around party room.   Add animal footprints on the walls.


 Static Wall Graphic Animal Footprints Set/4

 Static Wall Graphic Animal Footprints Set/4



 Black And Orange Tissue Poms Pkg/3

Black And Orange Tissue Poms Pkg/3



12" Round Paper Lantern Black


 Green Tissue Poms Pkg/3

Green Tissue Poms Pkg/3


 Jungle Personalized Photo Banner 24

 Jungle Personalized Photo Banner 24"x72" Horizontal Vinyl Banner


Caveman Coloring

Rock Painting

Yabba Dabba Do Contest

As an arrival activity, you can set up a corner and make a sign that says, "Caveman Coloring Corner".   Use coloring pages or let kids create caveman drawings.  They can color their caveman drawings on brown paper


Vrac Coloriages


AFUNK Flintstones Coloring Pages


Gather small rocks from outside, wash them and let them dry completely. 


Set up a painting station for kids to paint their rocks. Let them dry while having the rest of the party and then they can take them home.  

One, Two, Yabba Dabba Do!!!!! - Get everyone together to shout Fred's favorite's words. Who can sound most like Fred!




 Bedrock Bowling

Pin the Bone

Flint Mobile Race

 Plastic Bowling Set Set Plastic Bowling Set Set


Set up a plastic bowling set for the kids to knock down pins.  Give 1 point for each pin knocked down.  Child with highest number of points wins.  Or for the little ones, any  number of pins down wins a small prize.


To make your own bowling set,  save 2-liter soda bottles.  Rinse, take off label and dry.

Fill with colorful tissue shred and add a weighted object inside and close top.

Use a small yard ball to knock down pins. 

Take a photo of Pebble's and Bamm-Bamm and enlarge it onto to a poster size board or find a poster to use.


Cut out bone shapes from card stock or heavy  construction paper for playing.   Attach double sided sticky tape to each piece right before playing the game.


Play just like the traditional "Pin the tail on the Donkey" where children try to get the bone as close to the spot on the photo. The closest one wins. 

Using medium size boxes cut all flaps so you have a box frame.  Box should fit two small children or one grade school child.  You can cut out small handle holes on each side for carrying.

Set up a start and end line or obstacle course. Race two teams or players at a time.  The trick is that  each player has to wear these funny animal print feet!

 Animal Print Shoes

  Animal Print Shoes

These can also be given out as party favors after.

As a pre-activity to the races, have kids decorate their Flint Mobiles with markers, crayons, etc.


Pass The Club or Bone

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Play like "Hot Potato" but use this inflatable caveman club.

Similar to any egg hunt, hide dinosaur eggs and have the party guests hunt for them. Fill with special treats or give a prize to an individual or team that finds the most.

 Animal Print Large Plastic Easter Eggs (6 count) Animal Print Large Plastic Easter Eggs (6 count)




 Candy Rocks Jelly Bean Pebbles: 5LB Bag

 Candy Rocks Jelly Bean Pebbles: 5LB Bag

 Animal Print Notepads Pkg/12

 Animal Print Notepads Pkg/12

 Animal Print Silicone Slap Bracelets Pkg/12

 Animal Print Silicone Slap Bracelets Pkg/12

 Animal Print Bags Pkg/12

Animal Print Bags Pkg/12  

 Assorted Safari Print Maracas Pair Assorted Safari Print Maracas Pair

 Caveman Inflatable Club

Caveman Inflatable Club

 Bone Bracelet

  Bone Bracelet

 Animal Tooth and Claw Necklaces Animal Tooth and Claw Necklaces

 Wild Animal Safari Acrylic Rings

 Wild Animal Safari Acrylic Rings

Animal Print Balls With Tails

  Animal Print Balls With Tails

 Paper Bag Oval Printable Labels - 5 sheets Paper Bag Oval Printable Labels - 5 sheets - Craft your own personalized party favor using these fun paper bag colored labels.

 Plush Dinosaur

 Plush Dinosaur

 Inflatable Animal Print Bats Inflatable Animal Print Bats

 Furry Animal Print Purses

Furry Animal Print Purses

 Animal Print Glow Sticks/4-Pc Animal Print Glow Sticks/


 10 10" Safari Print Fan Dozen

 Lime Green Cardboard Buckets

  Lime Green Cardboard Buckets

Add some black triangle with black permanent marker for a cute treat bucket.

 Gable Favor Box Gable Favor Box


Animal Print Silicone Slap Bracelets Pkg/12


Pebbles Cereal Recipes

Visit Post Pebbles™ page for recipes and more.


Sugar Bone Cookies

 Fox Run Craftsmen Cookie Cutter 2

Using your own sugar cookie recipe or store bought cookie dough, roll out and cut using this  Cookie Cutter 2" Dog Bone.


You can frost them with butter cream frosting and then pipe on with another color each guests name or "Yabba Dabba Do".   

Bam Bam Clubs


These are easy to make snacks that your guest will sure to love. Just follow this simple Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods recipe for some fun Bam Bam clubs to snack on. 

Sticks & Stones


This is an easy snack mix of small pretzel sticks and M&M plain chocolate candy. 


Save your plastic Easter eggs and let the kids use them to hold the mix. You can say they are dinosaur eggs.

Dino Dogs


If you're serving lunch, serve up some Dino Dogs with all the toppings.  Or serve up some corn dogs or crescent rolled hot dogs. 

Brontosaurus Burgers


Fred Flintstone loved to eat his brontosaurus burgers and your guest will too.  Make a fun burger bar with lots of toppings including bacon, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and lots of different condiments. 

Fruity Pebbles Punch


Take this cocktail mixture less the alcohol for a party punch. 


Mix together:

1 liter orange juice
1 liter strawberry daiquiri 

1 liter soda (7-up, sprite)


Fruity Pebble Cupcake Treats

Top your favorite cupcake with Fruity Pebbles.


Costumes or Dress Up

 The Flintstones Bamm-Bamm Toddler / Child Costume The Flintstones Bamm-Bamm Toddler / Child Costume


 The Flintstones Dino Toddler / Child Costume The Flintstones Dino Toddler / Child Costume


 Pebbles Child Costume Pebbles Child Costume

 Cave Club Jumbo Cave Club Jumbo

 Pebbles Child Costume Pebbles Child Costume


 Caveman Choker

  Caveman Choker

For ages 7 & up.


Party Extras

Use these on your cake as decorations.

The Flintstones 2-Inch Collector Mini-Figure 6-Pack

  The Flintstones 2-Inch Collector Mini-Figure 6-Pack

 Hanna-Barbera Flintstones Dino 3-Inch Action Figure

  Hanna-Barbera Flintstones Dino 3-Inch Action Figure





Pebbles Flintstone


Bamm-Bamm Rubble



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