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Garden Tea Party





Garden Tea Party 







Party Ideas by Party Consultant Michelle Hylton         Updated: 02/21/2015


Invitation Ideas

 Garden Girl Invitations

  Garden Girl Invitations


Tea Time -- Birthday Invitation

 Tea Time -- Birthday Invitation


Make a Tea Cup/Tea Bag

Craft your own teacup w/teabag invitation.

Supplies - Pink paper (card stock)

               White paper 

               Kite string



               Decorative bead



Create a teacup template (use mine below or make your own), between 4 and 5 inches big.  Fold pink card stock in half. Trace teacup pattern with bottom of cup on fold onto pink cardstock. Cut out teacup. You can leave the handle uncut in the middle and draw in the handle.  Glue all open sides leaving a 2 inch opening at the top of the tea cup.  Now cut small 2x2" squares on white paper which will be your teabag.  Make sure the squares will fit in the opening you left on the top of the tea cup.  Write all party information on front

(use backside if necessary).  Cut a 4 inch piece of kite string, tape to the back of white square. Stick the square in the tea cup leaving the string hanging out.  You can add a decorative bead to the end of the bag. Your guest will pull the teabag string to read all about your fun party.   

scan.jpg (83210 bytes) 

Click on photo to enlarge template.


Decorating Ideas



More Ideas 

Set up your garden party on your lawn, deck or patio. Use picnic table or folding tables and chairs. You may want to rent a small tent or use a popup tent to set your table under.

Use one of the fun garden or tea party themed paper products or a child's tea set for your place settings.




Use mini pots for place table place cards or party favors.  With mini terra cotta pots with holes in the bottom, turn pots over and put a small dowel in hole. Create a flower shaped cutout or find some die cuts at craft store and write the name of each guest on it.  Tape or glue the flower to the dowel for a flower place card.

Roll utensils in napkins and slip through a floral bracelet or slip them in some pretty garden gloves that can also be used as party favors for your guests. Guest can wear them at tea or save them for home. 


These cookie arrangements make great centerpieces!



Use as many of your own natural flower pots to brighten up your party area.



 Garden Girl Danglers

Garden Girl 12

If using tents, pergola or trees decorate with garden danglers or  garden balloons.



For a dramatic and fun look add these oversized tulips to your party area.

Tulips Red/white/yellow Set/3

Tulips Red/white/yellow Set/3




 Tea Pot Birthday Standee

This Tea Pot Birthday Standee makes for a great backdrop for your party photo and gift opening!


Use fun colored watering cans filled with sand as balloon weights. Tie balloons to handle and place around party area.





Game Ideas

Pass The Hat/Glove

Miss Manner Says

Pin the Lady Bug on the Flower


Pass a garden hat or glove  around in a circle to soft music.  If your holding the object when the music stops, you bow gracefully out. 





Play this game just like "Simon Says", but ask children to do actions like:


Say "Yes Madam/Sir" 

Cross their ankles

Walk straight and tall


Shake Hands with someone

Pin the Lady Bug on the Flower - Create a huge flower from construction paper and then use lady bug stickers or make small lady bugs from construction paper.  On the flower draw a dotted line outline of a ladybug. This identifies the spot they have to get the lady bug on.  To identify which lady bug belongs to which child, you could write a small number on each or if you crafted your own bugs, then write each child's name on it or put different number of spots on each lady bug.


Pick A Flower

Garden Hunt


Have a watering can or pot filled with artificial flowers or Pinwheels.   Mark the bottom of one with a marker or tape.  Each girl gets to pick a flower (take home as favor), but the one who gets the marked flower wins.

Hide small packets of flower seeds around the yard and guest must search for them.


If they find one, it's theirs to keep and they stop.  Of course, everyone will find one to take home as a favor!


If your child is into bugs, you can also hide plastic lady bugs in the yard for them to find.





Opening Party Craft 

Manners Session 

Sing Along

Start your party with an opening Craft Activity:


- Decorate plain straw garden hats with silk flowers, ribbon, and beads.



 Design Your Own Tea Cup Planters

Design Your Own Tea Cup Planters or mini terra cotta flowerpots with glitter glue, paints, etc.  If using paints, ask girls to bring and old t-shirt or paint smock to the party to protect their pretty outfits.


Garden Collection Craft Sticks Pkg/16

- Paint a garden stick with these Garden Collection Craft Sticks Pkg/16


- Decorate foam craft tea pots magnets (precut before party) with markers, gems, glitter glue, etc.


Manner sessions - spend a few minutes with the girls at the tea table explaining how to hold a tea cup, if using a spoon for adding sugar, you only dip once into the sugar bowl, stir gently and lay spoon on saucer.  Also, 

 teach them how to ask for items and how to pass them around the table.  Don't forget to add the "Darling, please pass the sugar"  to the session.  

I'm A Little Teapot

(Music copyright 1939 Kelman Music)


I'm a little teapot short and stout; (stick your tummy out and pretend you are very short)


Here is my handle (place your hand on your hip, so your arm is a handle)


And here is my spout. (Bend your other arm and hand like a spout)


When I get all steamed up, then I shout: Just tip me over and pour me out! (Bend over and pretend you are pouring out your tea!)

Story Time 


Story Time - Read a Tea Time Story Book or Garden Story Book. 




Favor Ideas

 Tea Party Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

  Tea Party Lollipops:

12-Piece Box

 SALE   Tea Time Coloring Books   SALE

 SALE Tea Time Coloring Books SALE

 Garden Girl Tiaras 7

 Garden Girl Favor Boxes

 Garden Favor Boxes




White 33

  White 33" Beads



 Silicone Bracelet Asst.


Glitter Spring Rings-Assorted

 Glitter Spring Rings-Assorted


Garden Girl Fabric Hat

  Garden Girl Fabric Hat

 Silly Face Plush Flower

  Silly Face Plush Flower



More Party 


 Garden Girl 9

  Garden Girl Theme



Menu Suggestions

Tea Sandwiches - Use wheat, rye, or white  sandwich bread and cut off the edges. Or opt for mini bagels or croissants.  Fill with peanut butter and jelly, jelly and cream cheese , or plain or flavored cream cheese.  You can either cut into triangles or use shaped cookie cutters.

Tea Party Colored Metal Cutter Set



Tea Party Colored Metal Cutter Set





Pinwheel Sandwiches - Using flour tortillas, spread with cream cheese and turkey or other filling, roll tight in cellophane, refrigerate for 2 hours, then  cut into 8 pieces and hold together with toothpicks.  Click here for an easy recipe.


Tiny Fruit Muffins - Sprinkle then with powdered sugar. 


Assorted Cookies - Shortbread, Jelly Jams, Sugar or Lemon are favorites! Use flower shaped cookie cutters.


Scones - Simple recipe for scones.


Tea Party Petit Fours Recipe










          Petit Fours


Small Fruits - strawberries, grapes, raspberries or blueberries.  Even better chocolate-dipped strawberries.  


Fruit Salad - Served with cool-whip



Tea - mint tea  mixed with lemonade, serve warm

Iced tea 

Cider -serve warm

Any fruit drink - preferably a lemonade blend like raspberry-lemonade for a darker color. 


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