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     Mardi Gras





Party Plan by Party Consultant Michelle Hylton                Updated: 02/21/2015

Multiple vendors in party plan.


Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday". 

Mardi Gras Carnival season begins on January 6th, the Twelfth Night, Epiphany or Kings Day and ends on Fat Tuesday. 

Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of the 40-day (not counting the 6 Sundays) season of Lent (or 46 days before Easter).


This year, Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.


The colors of Mardi Gras are:

Purple for Justice

Green for Faith

Gold for Power


This theme can be used year round for:


Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties



Family Reunions



 Masquerade Invitation Masquerade Invitation

Bunch O' Beads Pkg/75 

 Beads Invitation

Attach a printed note to  Purple/Green/Gold Mardi Gras Beads and hand deliver or place in a colorful envelope.

Mardi Gras Night Vertical Invitation Personalized Vertical Invitation Mardi Gras Night Vertical Invitation Personalized


Give out the Hottest Ticket in Town for Your Mardi Gras Party!

You Customize it!

Printed on Authentic Ticket Stock!



New Party Ticket Invitation                         New Photo Ticket Invitation


Make Your Tables Sparkle


 Metallic Table Skirt Pur/gre/gol

You'll feel like your dining on Bourbon Street when you decorate your tables with the Mardi Gras Mambo table setting. Items are sold separately so you can add your own touch.


For small gatherings these party packs are perfect. Each kit has table service for eight people including balloons and curling ribbon to make your Mardi Gras party a great success.


Rue Bourbon Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle

Rue Bourbon Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle

Mardi Gras Beads Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle

 Mardi Gras Beads Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle




Toss colorful beads, masksmask confetti, doubloons on your tables. Wrap utensils in napkins with wrap with beads. If your looking to light up the night, try some fun light up glasses, straws or ice cubes.



 Mardi Gras Printed Table Runner

Use this Mardi Gras Paper Table Runner to add flair and pizaaz to your buffet table.


Table Extras

 Mardi Gras Paper Cocktail Napkin Set

Mardi Gras Paper Cocktail Napkin Set

 Glitter Fleur-de-Lis

Glitter Fleur-de-Lis

 Mardi Gras Gem Mix

  Mardi Gras Gem Mix

 Mardi Gras Paper Dessert Plate Set

Mardi Gras Paper Dessert Plate Set

 Glitter Majestic Crown

Glitter Majestic Crown

 Mardi Gras Table Scatter

Mardi Gras Table Scatter


 1.5" Mardi Gras Coins/ Doubloons


Set the Party Scene


Transform any space into a New Orleans party scene with our Mardi Gras decorations. Whether you're celebrating Fat Tuesday, your high school prom, or a masquerade party for a charity, try our props to fill a large space, or balloons for just a pop of color.



Set The Stage Mardi Gras Party

Create the magic of the French Quarter in any party venue. Choose your Set the Stage Mardi Gras Party in one of our three fabulous sizes - basic, deluxe, or ultimate - or purchase the items individually.


Sax Balloon Arch Each

 Sax Balloon Arch

The Sax Balloon Arch features two cardboard saxophones accented with Marid Gras masks, beads and Bourbon Street signs along with, 6 dozen latex balloons in gold, green and purple. The Sax Balloon Arch includes our Jazz Trio Sound Chip which makes the sound of a jazz band playing a tune. Each of the saxophone balloon arches measures over 9 feet high x 8 feet wide and is perfect for entrances, pictures and more. Helium (not included) required to inflate the balloons to create the arch.Jazz Sax Player Standee and Jazz Trumpet Player sold separately.



 11" Mardi Gras Mask Around Balloons Pkg/100


Mask & Coins Personalized Banner 24

  Mask & Coins Personalized Banner 24"x72" Attach N Go Banner

Weather-resistant Vinyl Banners Printed on durable 10 ounce white vinyl.

Includes metal grommets for hanging 7 sizes available. 


 Mardi Gras Scene Seters

 Mardi Gras Scene Setters

 Mardi Gras Harlequin Backdrop Mardi Gras Harlequin Backdrop

 Mardi Gras Beads Curtain Mardi Gras Beads Curtain

 Mardi Gras Directional Signs Mardi Gras Directional Signs

 Metallic Mardi Gras Decorating Kit Metallic Mardi Gras Decorating Kit

 Mardi Gras Tissue Poms Pkg/3 Mardi Gras Tissue Poms Pkg/3

 Mardi Gras Glitter Mask Decoration Mardi Gras Glitter Mask Decoration

 Mardi Gras Mask 37 Mardi Gras Mask 37" Mylar Balloon

 Mardi Gras Colors Plastic Music Notes Pkg/7 Mardi Gras Colors Plastic

Music Notes Pkg/7

 Mardi Gras Foil Starburst Kit Pkg/6

  Mardi Gras Foil Starburst Kit Pkg/6



Large Event Decor

 Mardi Gras Ball Oval Mask Each

 Mardi Gras Ball Oval Mask

Accent your Mardi Gras dance floor with this Mardi Gras Oval Mask. Each free-standing cardboard Mardi Gras Oval Mask is 7 feet high x 5 feet wide.

Mardi Gras Madness

 Mardi Gras Madness "float" Kit Set/3

Create your own New Orleans parade-like setting with our exclusive custom "Float" standees! Each set includes a Rebel Fish Biker standee (5 feet high x 9 feet wide), Jester standee (8 feet high x 9 feet wide) , and an Imperial Dragon standee (8 feet high x 9 feet wide). Standees come with purple, gold and green fringe. Free standing. Easy assembly.

 Mardi Gras Mask Photo Background Illustrations 48

  Mardi Gras Mask Photo Background Illustrations 48"x134"

Personalized Vinyl Photo Mural

Decorate your your French Quarter themed event with our Mardi Gras Mask Photo Background Illustration. Simply choose the material you would like your Background illustration printed on and choose the size of your illustration from the sizes available in your material. Illustrations are available in cardboard, heavy mural paper, or vinyl. Vinyl illustrations come with grommets for easy hanging, and printed board illustrations require easy assembly.

 Theme Gossamer 60

 Theme Gossamer 60"x25 Yd Mardi Gras Roll



 More Mardi Gras Event Kits




Costume Contest 

Mardi Gras Scrabble Doubloon Toss

On your invitation make sure to tell your guest to wear a costume. About halfway through the evening announce the winner. 


Now voting can be done by the hostess/host only, or have guest write in their choice, collect, tally and announce a winner.

Select a Mardi Gras term or phrase like "French Mardi Gras", "Fat Tuesday" or "French Quarters".


Give each guest a piece of paper and pen and start a timer for 1 minute or whatever amount of time you think feasible. 


Guest must try to make as many words as they can from the term used.


The guest with the most correct words win. Be prepared for ties, so have a few prizes handy. 

Create a carnival game where you toss gold coins into shot glasses. Use plastic shot glasses and mark them with colored sharpies or paint.  Mark three cups green, two cups purple and one gold, leave four clear. You may have to tape cups down or fill with a little sand

(or dried rice) to keep from tipping. 


Clear is worth 1 pts.

Green is worth 2 pt.

Purple is worth 3 pts.

Gold is worth 5 pts.


Give each player  6 doubloons  (representing January 6th the start of Carnival Season). 


You can have two guests play against each other. Give winners a prize or beads.

Bead Game Mardi Gras Trivia

Crown a King & Queen of the Party

How many beads can you get? That's the object of most Mardi Gras parade goers.

Create a game for your guest in which they get beads. The person with the most beads at the end of the evening wins a prize.

Two options are:

1. Start each guest off with 6 bead necklaces.  While talking to another party guest, you try to get them to say the word "BEAD". If you succeed you get to take one of their bead necklaces.   You can choose another Mardi Gras term as well or assign a word to each of the three colors of Mardi Gras.

2. Use this in conjunction with trivia questions. Various times throughout the party shout out a trivia question, whoever gets it right gets a bead necklace.

Create trivia cards and play in teams or play rounds with couples until you have a winner.

You can start with simple trivia questions like:

1. What does Mardi Gras mean?

2. What are the colors of Carnival Celebrations?

3. What item is found in the Kings Cake?

4. What day starts the Carnival Celebration?

5. What is the name given to the private clubs that organize Mardi Gras events?


Then start adding harder ones. Here is a link to some Mardi Gras/Carnival History and terms.


History of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Trivia Questions

 King's Crown Purple

This can be a fun crowning ceremony in which the host and hostess crowns the King & Queen of the party. 


Determining who gets this honor can be done in conjunction with the costume contest, winners of the Trivia game, the guest who get the cake piece with the King's Baby in it.

You could also do a simple name drawing for the ladies and fellows. 




Create Decorative Mask

 Create A Carnival Float

Pass the Baby 

Using Metallic Masks , have kids create their own wild Mardi Gras Mask. They can add glitter, feathers, sequins and more. I removed the elastic, punched two small holes and attached and hot glued a thin wooden dowel for a handle.


Start with metallic mask and glue dowel in place. Let dry. Then set up a crafting table with glitter, feathers, beads, cording, sequins and craft glue. Let your guest be creative.


Finished Design is

to the left.


Save shoe boxes or ask guest to bring shoe boxes to decorate.  Take the lid off and turn the box upside down to decorate. The lid slips onto side of the box to create the back of the float.  Kids can paint, glue material or colorful paper strips onto the boxes. Provide lots of craft supplies like sequins, glitter, ribbons, stickers, etc for them to decorate with.  Let them dry while you play games and eat. Later have a parade, let the kids hold their floats and parade around the room.  

Like "Hot Potato", using a small baby doll that resembles a Kings Cake  baby.


(Do not use our King Cake Babies they are not recommended for children due to their very small size. Use a larger toy doll for this game.)


Play till there is one player left who is crowned the KING or QUEEN!  


 Queen's Crown Purple

 Queen's Crown Purple


 King's Crown Purple King's Crown Purple


Face Painting

Set up a station to face paint on some fabulous designs for the celebration.  

Mardi Gras Coloring

Click  here for some pictures to download and print in B&W for kids to color. You can also print color versions for decorations.

 Mardi Gras Mask Pinata Mardi Gras Mask Pinata





 Adult King's Jester Costume


Adult Mardi Gras King Costume


 Women's Mardi Gras Madness Costume

Mardi Gras Hats - Sequin Jester, Derbies Headbands, Royal King or Queen Crowns. 



 Jester Headband

 Jester Headband


 Derby Hats Purple Pkg/12

Derby Hats Purple Pkg/12



 Queen's Crown Purple

 Queen's Crown Purple


 King's Crown Purple King's Crown Purple


Mardi Gras Crown Head Boppers Mardi Gras Crown Head Boppers



 Adult Mardi Gras Wig


Glitz & Gleam Mardi Gras Feather Hat



Glitz and Gleam Mardi Gras Bowtie



 Mardi Gras Moustache and Beard Set



Mardi Gras Masks

It's a tradition "not" to show your face at Mardi Gras.


 Mardi Gras Feathered Masks


 Mardi Gras Feathered Masks


 Sequin Mardi Gras Masks Pkg/12 Sequin Mardi Gras Masks Pkg/12



 Mardi Gras Fanci-Feather Masks Dozen

Mardi Gras Fanci-Feather Masks Dozen









Mardi Gras Tiaras

 Mardi Gras Tiaras

Mardi Gras Medallions

 Mardi Gras Medallions


 1.5" Mardi Gras Coins/ Doubloons

Mardi Gras Literopes

Mardi Gras Literopes

King Cake Babies

 King Cake Babies

Vinyl Mardi Gras Crawfish

 Vinyl Mardi Gras Crawfish

Mardi Gras 14oz. Plastic Cups

Mardi Gras 14oz. Plastic Cups fill with candy, wrap in cello and tie off with purple, green and gold curling ribbon.

Multi Color Inflatable Saxophone

 Multi Color Inflatable Saxophone

Personalized Tumbler W/straw

Personalized Tumbler W/straw

Bunch O' Beads Pkg/75 


 Masquerade Glitter Key Tag Silver Masquerade Glitter Key Tag Silver

 Mardi Gras Sunglasses Mardi Gras Sunglasses

 Mardi Gras Rubber Band Bracelets

Mardi Gras Rubber Band Bracelets

 Personalized Masquerade Tin Personalized Masquerade Tin

 Mardi Gras Bubble Gum Coins: 100-Piece Bag Mardi Gras Bubble Gum Coins: 100-Piece Bag




Mardi Gras Party Table with Kings Cake

Kings Cake History & Recipe

Cajun Recipes

Low-Fat Tuesday Recipes

Adult New Orleans Beverages

Hurricane Drink Ingredients


More Links:


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Mardi Gras Party Supplies

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