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Pastelillos Preparation Photos 

 As soon as I remember to write down my meat recipe next time, you can use this recipe from Goya  or Google "Pastelillos" and you will find other recipes. Another fun thing we do is fill the dough with raspberry jam and make dessert Pastelillos and sprinkle them with powder sugar. To make more of an appetizer from these, cut each dough circle in half and make mini Pastelillos.

Cooking on stovetop:

Prepared Meat Filling

You can use the goya recipe link above or search for other meat recipes.

Goya Discos (Flour Dough Disks)

Make sure your discos are thawed completely.

Roll out disco

Using flour on a cutting board, roll out disco gently to expand it about 1/2 inch or so more.

Filling Disco

Place meat filling on one half of disco. Wet edge with water, fold over, edges do not meet. Folded over edge is slightly under outer edge.

Fold Over

Fold over leaving edges slight apart. Fold the bottom edge over the top edge. Using a for press both edges together creating a crimped edge.

Fry Disco

Best if you used a deep frying pan. Oil should be about 1 inch high in pan. Preheat oil on medium-high, may need a splatter guard. Slowly lower disco into oil, cover with splatter guard. Wait about 1 minute and turn over and cook other side one minute. Dough should turn a nice light brown color. Continue flipping over to desire coloring and dough is crisp. Remove from pan and place on a plate covered with paper towels for oil to drain off.



Cooking with a deep fryer (much preferred):

Meat mixture with spanish olives.

Recipe coming soon...

Folded pastelillos

Using a deep fryer to cook pastelillos.

Dough becomes crispy and bumpy looking.

Finished Pastelillos.


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